Mean Muggin’ Monday

Today’s guest coffee mug belongs to Toni F. (@dopey926).  She stated “The reason why I love this mug so much is because The Lion King is one of my favorite movie by Disney. I try to recite “Hakuna Matata, it means no worries” when I’m having a bad day.  The mug is also special because my husband bought it for me. He, in turn, accidentally broke it one evening. I couldn’t find it at our local Hallmark stores, but a good friend found a replacement mug for me. I asked her to get two so I always have an extra.”

Photo Credit: TF
If you would like your coffee mug featured on Mean Muggin’ Monday, send in a picture of your coffee mug and why it is your favorite to DizThruBrownEyes@yahoo.com

Elantrice H.

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