Fabulous Find Friday

Today’s fabulous find item is an app called Mouse Vault presented by Vinylmation Kingdom.  I purchased this app due to recommendations from two close friends.  As you know from my post, My Vinylmation Collection, I have a lot of Vinylmations to keep track of and I am prone to forget what I have.   I do find the app very helpful and easy to use.  It lists all of the series currently available in alphabetical order.  You can put in a number for each Vinylmation and the app will keep a total of your Vinylmation under the My Collection tab.  As you can see below, I am no where near finish with the  inventory of my collection.   On 4/19, I was prompted to update the app and a Wish List was added. I like this new feature.   The app retails for $2.99.

Photo Credit: EH


Series List Screen Photo Credit: EH


My Collection Screen Photo Credit: EH


Photo Credit: EH





Elantrice H.