Earth Day the Disney Way


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Today, April 22, 2012, is Earth Day.  This day was first celebrated 42 years ago and observed in at least 175 countries.  This day is used to educate us about the importance of taking care of our Earth.  Disney is participating in Earth Day by giving away a reusable shopping bag when you bring in 5 plastic shopping bags to a Disney Store.  The quantities are limited and while supplies last.  So it would be safe to say, arrive at a store early.   DisneyStore.com has an Earth Day Shop with organic tees for kids and adults, mugs, water bottles, and reusable shopping bags.

There has been a great deal of buzz around Oscar, Disneynature’s newest star in Chimpanzee.  The movie follows a 2 year old chimp on his daily activities of play and survival.  If you purchase the Disneynature Chimpanzee Oscar plush between 3/19/12 and 5/13/12, Disney Store will contribute $1 to the Jane Goodall Institute.

As you can see below I have several Disney reusable bags and mugs.  I can do more by recycling newspapers and plastic bottles when I have them.  What more can you do for the Earth beyond today?  The small things of fixing dripping faucets or using cloth napkins instead of paper towels can assist in making our resources last longer. I am very aware that I need to reuse more and waste less.

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