The Tee Tee Chronicles: Dwarfs, Starbucks, and Rain

Jacob and I had a good start to our #TeeTeeNephewWDWTrip.  When I left off here, he knocked out to dreamland and I was out shortly after him.  The drive had worn me out and I knew we would need to get up early the next morning to make it to Magic Kingdom before opening. So before going to sleep, I made sure our backpacks were ready and clothes laid out.

Jacob woke up in a good mood and I knew things were only going up from there.  He asked where his mother was and I attempted to explain she was visiting a friend.  I told him we would call her once we got in the car.  We did not eat at the resort because I knew Mr. Picky would not eat anything.   I made sure he had his apple sauce and Cheerios for the ride to Magic Kingdom.

I wanted to get to Magic Kingdom early to have a close parking space to the Ticket and Transportation Center and to get into the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Line before it reached 45 minutes to an hour wait time.  The reason for the close parking space was I could not envision myself riding on the tram with a 3 year old and a folded up stroller.  It would be earlier for me to walk to the monorail of ferry.  The pixie dust was sprinkled on us because we did get a good space. Jacob was fine with riding the “boat”.  Well he did not have a choice because the monorail was not running yet.

Jacob and I were able to catch the opening of the park and then made a mad dash for Seven Dwarfs Mine Train.  By the time we made it to the line, it was 30 minutes long.  I am not one for  waiting in lines because I utilize FastPass+. This was not my trip and we missed our FastPass+ for this must-do ride on yesterday.  Jacob did well in line, playing and just being nosey.  He laughed the entire time on the ride and I was still the Greatest Tee Tee on Earth.


After going in the mines, Jacob and I headed to Splash Mountain.  Jacob described the ride as going up and down and then you get wet.  He holds on for dear life and laughs like crazy after the “waterfall”.  Due to our next FastPass+ for Tommorrwland Speedway being a little while off, Jacob wanted to ride the horses.


As we entered Tomorrowland, Jacob pointed out that he wanted to ride Tomorrowland Transit Authority AKA PeopleMover.  So of course we did.

Jacob on the PeopleMover

Jacob on the PeopleMover

This would be the first time Jacob would be driving his Tee Tee in the cars.  He rides with my sister and I make sure of that.  Jacob can barely see over the steering wheel and does not pay attention. I have never been so thankful for that medal bar that keeps the car in its lane.


After our day on the track, we had some time before our lunch ADR at The Plaza.  With extra time, what do you do?  You go to Starbucks!!  After ordering my drink, Jacob was making a face.  I asked him what was wrong and he kindly stated he wanted his milk. Big oops!!  When a 3 year old goes to Starbucks he gets milk while you get coffee.  We went to one of the new hub areas to sit on the grass and relax. Jacob noticed I was taking a picture of my coffee and told me to talk a picture of his milk.

Having a break in The Hub

Having a break in the Hub

Jacob noticed I was taking a picture of my coffee and told me to take a picture of his milk.


I love eating at The Plaza.  It is a nice place to relax out of the heat.  We had the chance to watch the Festival of Fantasy Parade from our seats.

Fry anyone?

Fry anyone?

After eating, we needed to run to Epcot to meet Deborah and her family.  This would give Jacob the chance to ride the monorail.  I needed to grab an Epcot Starbucks You are Here Mug as a gift.  Since we were in Starbucks, might as well order another ice coffee and milk to wait for Deborah to show up.

Got Starbucks? We do!!

Got Starbucks? We do!!

As soon as Deborah and her family came running up, the bottom dropped out. We ran for cover near Mouse Gears.  Due to her crew being hungry, we grabbed seats at Electric Umbrella.  After the rain stopped, Jacob and I needed to make our way back to the car. We said our goodbyes and heading back to the Ticket and Transportation Center.  I did not plan on staying at Epcot as long, but the rain slowed us down. No worries though, we are at Walt Disney World.

I talked Jacob into going to Downtown Disney to grab his mother a candy apple. It began to rain on and off.  I am glad we had the stroller rain cover for Jacob to stay dry.  I did not want to take back a sick 3 year old to his parents. He ended up falling asleep after eating part of a corn dog.

I was able to get him out of the car, in the stroller, back to the room, and dressed for bed without waking him up.  This Tee Tee was getting good at “taking care of a toddler alone thing”.  I took a shower and started to pack up our stuff.  It was a short trip, but a much needed one.  We packed in a lot and Jacob just went with the Disney flow.  I finally got settled in and called it a night.  Tomorrow it would time to head back to reality.

Good night!!

Good night!!



Elantrice H.

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