Saturday Shopping Series Nov. 30, 2013

For today’s post, I had the pleasure of interviewing Mel C., Creator/Owner of Eclectic Jewelry & More.  Our interview is below:

Photo Credit: Eclectic Jewelry & More

Photo Credit: Eclectic Jewelry & More

Q: What was the motivation for starting your own jewelry line?

Mel C.:  I’ve always enjoyed doing crafts. From the time I was a little girl you could find me cutting up or making something. A few months after doing a photo shoot for my friend’s jewelry lines decided to try it for myself.

Q: How long have you been designing jewelry?

Mel C.:  I’ve been designing jewelry since May of this year.

Q: How do you come up with your designs?

Mel C.: I love mixing colors & patterns. I just make what looks good to me. I like putting things together that don’t normally go together. The customer can also choose what colors they’d like in their jewelry.

Q: What types of pieces do you make?

Mel C.: I make beaded bracelets, necklaces, & earrings (pierced & clip-ons) for men, women, & children. I’m working on cufflinks & rings. I also crochet hats, scarves, blankets, mittens (baby), & booties (baby), as well as photography.

Q: From what I understand you make custom pieces as well, what does a customer have to do to order a custom piece?

Mel C.: To purchase a custom piece the customer can send me an email detailing what items they would like–length, color, size, charms, etcetera and I would make layouts of what their piece could look like.

Q: If you could design a piece of jewelry for a Disney character, which character and why?

Mel C.: I have two–Stitch & Nemo. I pick Stitch because he’s different like me. I pick Nemo because he’s determined, like me.

It was a wonderful  experience to interview Mel C. To see her work and place that order in time for the holidays, the website is eclecticjewelrynmore.storenvy.com. If you need to send Mel C. an email, you can reach her at  eclecticjewelry1@gmail.com.  Eclectic Jewelry & More is also on  Facebook and Instagram.

November 30th is Small Business Saturday!!  Eclectic Jewelry & More is offering 30% off your total purchase with code sbs2013 TODAY ONLY!!!

Photo Credit: Eclectic Jewelry & More

Photo Credit: Eclectic Jewelry & More


Photo Credit: Eclectic Jewelry & More

Photo Credit: Eclectic Jewelry & More



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