My 24 Hours in the Magic Kingdom

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On December 31, 2011, it was announced the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World and Disneyland would be open on February 29, 2012 at 6am until March 1, 2012 at 6am.  I was so excited that I made resort reservations before the ball dropped in Times Square to ring in 2012.  Reservations were made at Pop Century Resort and soon thereafter flight arrangements were made as well.

When February 29th arrived, I was nervous as well as hyped to be at Walt Disney World. The nervousness was due to me not being a night person.  Yes, I can be in bed by 9pm and up to start the day about 5am.  I just hoped if I feel asleep on Tomorrowland Transit Authority People Mover, my mouth would not be open.  My roomie and one partner in this adventure, was Sara M. (@DisneySara) of MickensMouse.com.  Sara designed the shirts the group would be wearing.  I must say they were a hit.


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Sara and I got up at 4am met and our other friend Shaene C. (@Shaene_o_Mite) at the Pop Century bus stop by 4:45am.  Phil (@PAdams626) called to let us know that he was on his way to park at the Ticket and Transportation Center.  There were several people in line who were talking and laughing despite it being so early in the morning.  The first bus arrived around 5am and we were off.

The media event was still taking place when we arrived.  In January, I think, Disney emailed a link to Annual Passholder to register for a special pair of One More Disney Day Mickey Mouse Ears.  According to the email, the first 1000 passholders to register would receive the ears.  I nor several others did not receive the email to register.   I found out about the offer after the fact.  Once getting in line at the turnstiles, Sara and I observed several people being let into the roped off area to get into the park.  Sara went to speak to the Cast Member and waved me over.  She explained Annual Passholders were being let into the park to get special event Mickey Mouse ears due to information not being received by all registered passholders.  We were given our ears and the event button.  There were several people in the area talking and watching Mickey and Minnie, dressed in their PJs, on stage filming for news spots.


Photo Credit: EH

Photo Credit: EH


Photo Credit: EH

The Mayor of Main Street opened the park and away we went.  I grabbed a times guide that did come in handy.  The first stop was the Emporium to purchase the men’s version of the shirt.  I liked the colors better than the women’s shirt.  A watch was available at both parks and Disneyland also offered a jacket.  The items were also made available online at DisneyStore.com from February 29th – March 1st.  The Emporium was a madhouse and long lines to check out.  Despite that people did appear in a good mood.  My group was taking pictures and tweeting.

Photo Credit: EH


Photo Credit: EH

I took it easy in the park.  I mean, I had 24 hours.  The group ate breakfast at Crystal Palace and the rest of the day we had counter service. Lunch was mostly snacking and drinking to stay hydrated.   Dinner consisted of a BBQ Slaw dog from Casey’s Corner. I had fun playing Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom.  I am hooked on collecting the cards.  Sara and I went back to Magic Kingdom to get another set of cards.  Splash Mountain stood out because we took a “nap” on it.

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Photo Credit: EH

I began to feel the pain of being up since 4am around 10pm.  I was moving slow, but determined to not be that adult crying because I was so tired.  I will say another motivation for remaining awake was having my friends, including my sister, take bets of when I would fall asleep.  The times were from 7:01pm to 11pm.  I showed all of them.  It was hard between the hours of 12am – 4am.  There was a dance party in front of the castle called Disney Dance the Night Away Party from 1am – 5:30am.  Dancing and laughing did help keep me awake.  The chocolate and caramel covered cashews did give me an energy burst at the very end.

I walked out of Magic Kingdom exactly at 6am.  I was so proud of myself.  However, the celebration could not take place until I got some rest.  I finally got settled around 8am.  I got back up after 12pm and due to being so tired I did not know where I was.

I am still feeling the effects of One More Disney Day as I type this.  I hope to be back on track by Monday.  Would I do it again?  When walking out of Magic Kingdom at 6am on 3/1…NO!!  After some days have passed, that has changed to a YES!!  There was nothing like being with friends in the Magic Kingdom for 24 hour. What a way to spend an extra day of the year.

Photo Credit: EH

Elantrice H.


  1. I can tell you had a ball!! I am so happy you were able to stay awake for us folks that could not make it!! :o)

  2. whew I got my PW reset! anyhoo! It was so hard being at work all day knowing that alot of my Diz friends were enjoying this day, but I have to say I lived on every tweet, FP, google+ post that was out there. I am so sure you had a blast and just think in the next leap yr you will think about how this leap yr was a blast!

  3. It looks like you all had a great time. It would be great if there was a Epcot24.

  4. Hi ShelleyJ – Thank you so much for reading. Yes it was a 24 hours to remember. I was very happy to be there.

  5. That was a day I’ll never forget. Love the post E. And I’m proud of you for making it past 9pm. 🙂

  6. PAdams626 – Hold on to that momemnt because I may never do 24 hours again. LOL

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