Blog Contest Winner of my One More Disney Day Contest


Photo Credit: EH

I held my first ever contest during One More Disney Day.  A person had to follow me on Four Square (Diz Thru Brown Eyes) and Twitter (@DizThruBrwnEyes) to know where to locate me when I said “come and find me”.  The person had to physically come to that location to receive the $24 Disney Gift Card.  The first location was Pecos Bills.  No one found me in the 15 minute time frame and I moved on.  I made the second attempt to gain a winner at Carousel of Progress. I was found by @VIVALV615.  It was nice meeting a follower and chatting for a few minutes.  He even sent me a tweet showing what he used the gift card on – a Vinylmation.
I can say my first solo giveaway was a success.


Elantrice H.

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