Fabulous Find Friday

Today’s fabulous find is actually a fabulous custom Vinylmation made by Kelsey F ( @kelskc ).  Kelsey, who has a blog entitled n3rdgrl.com , informed me she would be experimenting with creating custom Vinylmations a couple of months ago. You have probably seen Kelsey mentioned in pervious posts by me.  Kelsey and I are usually together for Disney Store Vinylmation releases.  I saw some of her great work and immediately asked if she could create me one.  I gave her a 9” Create-Your-Own Vinylmation and waited on pins and needles to see the end result.  I told her I did not want to see the Vinylmation in pictures but in person.  I will say I was so happy and excited about her view of a Vinylmation for me.  Kelsey is so creative!!!  Please bookmark her vinylmations page to see upcoming designs from her.

Photo Credit: EH


Elantrice H.

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