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Being a planner helps when it comes to making a packing list for a race. I have done several half marathons at Walt Disney World and one at Disneyland.  This was my first Walt Disney World Marathon and I was very nervous.  Here is a recap of my 26.2 Magical Journey.  I took my time to ensure I had all I needed for the marathon because I was flying instead of driving like I normally do. Here were the top items on that packing list:

– Packing cubes

I found packing cubes to be very handy in keeping things organized in my luggage. I dedicated one packing cube just to my race items to place in my carry-on bag.

Packing cube2


– Racing outfit

Florida weather can be so unpredictable during the winter. It can be hot, cold, wet or all three during the same day. I made sure I packed capris, leggings, socks, sports bra, sun visor, knee brace, rain poncho, compression leg sleeves, different shirts, and Garmin.

Flat Elantrice

Flat Elantrice


– Fuel belt

In my fuel belt I did put a couple of individually packaged wet wipes, lip balm, and to hold my iPhone 6s, the Running Buddy Pouch.  The fuel belt was placed in the packing cube.


– Music

iPod and headphones


– Morton Epsom Lotion and BodyGlide

I heard about this lotion in a racing Facebook group. It does make my legs feel a little better after a race.



– up & up Advanced Healing Blister Bandages

Besides getting a medal for finishing a marathon, I also earned blisters on the balls of my feet. These wonderful bandages were recommended from a friend who has done marathons. They were found at Target for less than $4. These bandages stayed on my feet for at least 3 days before they needed changing. I even forgot they were on. I would also recommend having moleskin padding strips for blisters on heals and toes.



– Safety pins

You can never have enough safety pins.


I wore my running shoes on the plane to give me extra room in my carry-on. If you do not want to wear them, place them in your carry-on bag in case your luggage does not make it to your resort in a timely manner. Also in my carry-on, I used a gallon size Ziploc bag to hold Goldfish pretzels, On-the-Go Jiff peanut butter cups, bagels, Clif Bars, Shots and Blocks, and extra Ziploc bags.

This list gives a good summary of what I pack for a race. What are some essentials you pack?

Elantrice H.

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  1. The only thing missing from this that I love is a plastic bag in my race belt. When they hand you 87 things and you’re trying to juggle all of it in your arms after a race PLUS they want you to pose for medal pics…..having a plastic bag to throw all the nonsense in to sort through after bag check has been a blessing.

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