What Would You Do With 24 Hours in a Disney Park?

Photo credit: Disney

Photo credit: Disney

As you know Disney Parks will be hosting another 24 hour event at Disneyland, Disney California Adventure, and Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World. The event will take place on 6am May 23rd and ends May 24th at 6am. Guests are being encouraged to “rock” their Disney Side. I took that to mean dress as your favorite character or wear your best Disney-fied outfit.

This will be my third 24 hour event at Magic Kingdom.  For the very first 24 hour event, “One More Disney Day”, in 2012, bets were taken on when I would pass out on a park bench. I am not a night person and will admit that with pride.  I am very happy to say I did stay up the entire time.  Now, I did pay for it the next couple days.

Photo Credit: EH

Photo Credit: EH

In 2013, I called it quits around 2am for “Monstrous Summer Kick Off”.  I was very tired and tried to say the time I had been up counted towards the 24 hours. Well that did not work.

Photo Credit: EH

Photo Credit: EH


Do to me being a planner, I am now wondering what I should do during the 24 hours this year.  Let’s see I could count the number of Starbucks coffees I drink or how many cake pops I can eat. Better yet, how many times, I can ride the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train (I hope it is open).  I am thinking about what contests I could come up with for my readers.  The very first year, I gave away a Disney gift card if you could find me in the park.  The next year, readers had to watch YouTube videos to answer questions.

So I am looking for suggestions on what do to this year.  What characters to take pictures with, what to eat, where to sneak and take a nap, etc.  What would you do if you had 24 hours in a Disney Park?

For more information as the event approaches, keep checking  rockyourdisneyside.com for details as well as Disney Parks Blog.

Elantrice H.


  1. This year you could just ride the magic kingdom train round and round when u get tired! lolSounds like it would be fun but I’d be too tired to hang. Who knows, I might try it this year.

    • Riding the train sounds like a good idea. The downside would be my friends taking pictures of me sleep and posting on IG. LOL! You should try it!!

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