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The Head Mouse

The Head Mouse


That description of me should not come as a surprise because I am a Disney lover. However, I have apologized for it in the past, maybe a better term is kept low-key, was loving Disney as an adult. Why? I was not one for the looks, questions, and silent judgment of why is this adult always at a Disney park, talking about Disney, and starting a blog about Disney.


Shirt design : Disney Moms of Color

Shirt design : Disney Moms of Color – Click here to go to their Facebook page.


I went to a social media event that was non-Disney a couple of years ago. First, I went to a social event alone which goes against my introverted nature. Second, it was a non-Disney media event. I can go to Walt Disney World and Disneyland alone, but something non-Disney took nerve on my part. Being in a room with those who focus on family, parenting, fashion, and marriage was a little intimidating. Today, I do not worry about what others are blogging about because what I have to say about my love for Disney is important as well. There are several of us who visit the Disney Parks multiple times a year, will only cruise on Disney Cruise Line, are Disney Vacation Club members, Annual Passholders, and have Disney hangovers upon returning from a Disney vacation.  There are other vacation destinations to visit and I do.  I choose to go back to Disneyland and Walt Disney World because they are happy places filled with family, friends, and memories.

There will always be those who will comment “Disney again?!?”, “You are always there.”, “Why Disney?”, and  “You write about a mouse?”.  Oh well! I will not apologize for being a Disney Fan and neither should you!


Being a Disney fan can be a combination of Sadness and Joy. Sadness when you have to leave. Joy in getting to plan the next trip.

Being a Disney fan can be a combination of Sadness and Joy. Sadness sets in when your Disney vacation comes to an end. Then Joy arrives getting to plan the next Disney trip.

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