A Touch of Disney While Planning

In this technology age, there are so many digital methods for planning and apps for time management. I opt for paper and pen to keep track of my tasks. I will take it even further to add special touches to my planner by using stickers, washi tape, colorful pens, highlighters, motivational quotes, binder clips, and Disney. I know you cannot be surprised that I do incorporate Disney into my weekly planner themes.

First, let me introduce you to my Passion Planner (classic size). I am into my second year of using it with no regrets. The layout is what drew me to this planner. I work full-time in the mental health field. Seeing my entire week helps to quickly schedule my clients and manage time accordingly. I also like my planner week to run Sunday – Saturday. There are sections for personal/work to-do-lists and a space to “brain dump”.


Most planners are plain to let you customize them to your needs. There are so many Disney touches that can be added to your planner.

displanner3 displanner6

I have purchased items from Walt Disney World, Disney Store, Hobby Lobby, Michaels, Amazon, and, Etsy.


MagicBands make wonderful washi tape holders.

MagicBands make wonderful washi tape holders.


The stickers from Pretty Sheepy can be found on Etsy.com

The stickers from Pretty Sheepy can be found on Etsy.com


I feel the Disney touches in the planner adds to my Disney lifestyle. There are so many options that can assist in creating a planner that reflects you. I find decorating relaxing and calming.  I usually do this on Sunday to get ready for the week.


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Elantrice H.

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