The Body as a Canvas for Disney Art


Photo Credit: Curt & Mel

I met Curt and Mel, my Canadian Disney pals, last year through a good friend.  I had the opportunity of spending time with them at Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party.  I was told they both had beautiful Disney tattoos and pictures did not do them justice.  I inquired if I could feature them in the blog to share how they express their love for Disney.

Mel’s first tattoo was a simple Mickey on her back.  Her journey with a full back tattoo began in November 2011. Here are her words in describing her experience:

“The idea started with wanting a castle on my back and had plans to add to it in future. My artist, Tyler Alderson, suggested doing it all at once. He thought that we would end up with a much more detailed piece. So I sent him a photo of the castle, the statue, and the characters that I wanted. That was all that I did. Tyler put the whole piece together. Tyler drew up a rough idea and from there my first visit to the shop he placed each individual character and all other aspects of the piece adjusted for size and placement. The details added to the piece were first drawn on my back with a basic sharpie marker. I should add that this entire project when being planned was done by email. I never did have a consult with my artist, he was just that good! My first session was for 7.5 hours with a couple 10 minute breaks. This finished the outlining. In December I returned for another 8 hour sitting. In this sitting he did the background color. In April 2012, we started working on more color this was another 8 hour session. During these tattoo sessions, Tyler would often say to me how about this idea fireworks reflecting of the castle, wind through the air, and many other small details that really added to the piece. In July, I returned for my final session. We did back to back 8 hour days to finish it up in this last trip. A total of about 40 hours was put into this piece, and a lot of driving time being we travelled 6 hours each way to go to this artist. I compare my tattoo sessions to a day at the spa! Tattooing is one of the most relaxing experiences for me. My other tattoos consist of a Disney cruise line logo on my ankle, a Tinkerbell silhouette on my foot, a dragonfly with hidden Mickeys on my other foot, Tinkerbell on my upper arm, and the words believe and dream on my wrists. The arm Tinkerbell and words on wrists are my latest tattoos. They were done in August by Jason Doll. I came upon the Tinkerbell idea while searching online. I loved everything about this idea for a tattoo. This tattoo took one sitting of 5 hours. The words believe and dream have so much meaning to me and my life. I wanted to see them everyday reminding me to believe in my dreams and in myself. These took about half hour for both wrists. As far as healing time, about a week of an itchy feeling with them and 4 weeks to be fully healed.”

Photo Credit: Curt & Mel


Photo Credit: Curt & Mel


Curt’s tattoo ideas came from his favorite characters and princesses. He wanted a sexier Tink and Belle. Below is his experience per Mel:

“His back piece was about 5 hours of tattoo time. He wanted Walt’s signature to credit Walt’s work and accomplishments. The saying was shortened on his back for proper fit while still being in proper English. The Tink is in the process of having a redo to brighten her color and add the feet. This tattoo was also about 5 hours of tattoo time. Belle is the latest addition. We also found this idea online and liked that it was along the same line as my Tinkerbell. Jason Doll was also the artist on this piece. Jason spent a couple hours making sure that he got every detail just right before starting. Curt says that a tattoo on the back of the calf is a little tender. He also has the matching cruise logo to mine.”

Photo Credit: Curt & Mel

I cannot wait to see their tattoos in person.  Theirs put my tattoo of Mickey balloons to shame.  I do want another tattoo with Hidden Mickeys. I will keep you updated of my addition. 

Please leave comments and questions for Curt and Mel.  I will make sure they see them.

*All photos used belong to Curt and Mel*

Elantrice H.

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