Tasty Thursday: Jungle Juice

It’s getting warmer so that means we need to stay hydrated.  Water is great, but I can drink this Jungle Juice all day.  I remember the first time I tasted it at Boma.  I kept wanting our waiter to bring out more!  I have even asked Ms. DizThruBrownEyes to stop by Boma to pick me up some and freeze it to bring to me. 

No such luck.

So I made it myself using 1/2 cups of each juice for a single serving.  Even shook it up in my martini shaker with some ice. 

Then..wait.  Who is that?

How did she get….

Hey!  Get away from my drink Ursula.  You are not welcome here!  By the way, don’t you belong in the sea.

I see you needed reminding.  Bye bye!

Back to my drink.

That was goooood. 

Jungle Juice
From Disney Food Blog

1 part orange juice
1 part passion fruit juice
1 part guava juice



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