My Magical Marathon: These Knees (Post 2)

Two weeks ago I had my annual physical.  During the physical my doctor, Dr. K., had me kick and pull back my legs while she was holding them.  Some popping was noticed.  Dr. K. informed me I was showing signs of early arthritis. I told her I do run and it is on pavement.  She stated that did not help and could wear a person’s knees down.  Well, to be honest, weeks before, I was experiencing pain in my left knee. I was not sure if it was due to running or wearing flat hard bottomed shoes several days in a row.  I began to worry because knee issues run in my family. I do not want to address my dad’s knee surgeries that ended in one leg being amputated right above the knee.  My sister, JoVonn even mentioned about her knees bothering her years ago. I guess my knees felt left out.  I inquired what I should do since I would be participating in my first marathon in January 2016.  Dr. K. told me to just keep moving and gave me clearance to continue with my goal of participating in a marathon.

I decided to buy knee brace to see if that would help with the discomfort.  It did! Once I realize I had reached a certain point in my run where I usually have pain and did not, I kept it moving!  It turned out to be a good day on the trail. Fear left me and the confidence in my body restored. These knees of mine are not done yet.

If you are just joining me in this journey, here is the first post in My Magical Marathon series.

Photo credit: EH

Photo credit: EH

Elantrice H.

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