Mean Muggin’ Monday Is Back!

WDW Starbucks Water Bottle

It has been a while since a Mean Muggin’ Monday post has been published. However, my mug collection continues to grow. Today’s post features the newest Walt Disney World Starbucks tumbler. It can be found on shopDisney and the park. Will you be adding this to your Disney Parks Starbucks collection?

WDW Starbucks Water Bottle
Photo credit – EH

I feel the Starbucks coffee mugs, tumblers, and stainless-steel water bottles make wonderful souvenirs. They do take up space, but I am working on a creative way to display some at a time versus being in bins.

If you would like your favorite coffee mug featured on the blog, please send pictures and description to elantrice@dizthrubrowneyes.com.

Here is a previous Mean Muggin’s Monday post featuring the Starbucks Disney100 tumbler.

Elantrice H.

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