Mean Muggin’ Monday

Today’s guest coffee mug is from Matthew G.  Matthew stated “I saw you on The Big Fat Panda Show  last week and was able to check out your site. I love the idea of you representing mugs. Mugs are definitely a guilty pleasure of mine. I cannot get enough of them. I even have a small collection of Broadway mugs. I purchase a mug at each show I go to. It was hard for me to send in just one but this one is my favorite. This simple white mug bears the name of the breakfast place my wife and I went to the morning after we got engaged.  Every time I look at this mug I smile thinking of that great weekend.”

Photo Credit: MG

Photo Credit: MG

If you would like your coffee mug on Mean Muggin’ Monday, email picture and description to DizThruBrownEyes@yahoo.com.


Elantrice H.

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