Mean Muggin’ Monday

Today’s guest coffee mug is from Beth of anyhappylittlethoughts.com . Beth stated “the Magic Kingdom is my favorite park, and I am a child of the ’70s and love retro styles, so buying this special cup was a no-brainer. It is a pretty hefty piece of drinkware (and it’s breakable), so I like to use it for cold drinks. Adding slices of orange to my ice water takes me back to that Florida sunshine and great memories of time spent at the Magic Kingdom.”  She also stated the mug retailed for $14.95 and she ordered it from DisneyStore.com in 2013. The mug is no longer available on the website.

Beth can be followed on Twitter ( @AnyHappyLittle  ) and Instagram at @kriebelbeth and @anyhappylittlethoughts.

Photo Credit: anyhappylittlethoughts.com

Photo Credit: Beth


Photo Credit: Beth

If you would like your coffee mug on Mean Muggin’ Monday, send an email with pictures and description to DizThruBrownEyes@yahoo.com.



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