Inside Out Turned My Emotions

I knew I would be seeing this movie when it came out for several reasons.  First, it is a Disney movie.  Second, being in the mental health field, I am all about emotions.  Third, again it is a Disney movie.  I received an email from Disney Visa about an early showing of Inside Out called Insider Access to Disney-Pixar Inside Out.  The showing took place on June 16th in select theaters.  Special treats included a tour of Pixar Studios with behind-the-scenes of the making of the movie, a live Q & A segment with Amy Poehler (voice of Joy) and Pete Docter (Director), and a poster & lanyard. InsideOutPoster There will be no spoilers in this post!!  I wanted to express more of how my feelings were affective and how experiencing/expressing our feelings are important.  There are four main emotions – glad, sad, mad, and scared.  We all have experienced these in some shape or form.  Of course we all want to be glad and not deal with the rest.  However, life is not built that way. In the movie, you have Joy, Sadness, Fear, Anger, and Disgust.  They reside in “headquarters” or Riley’s brain, who is an 11 year old girl.  These “emotions” were funny and insightful.  They each showed their role in our daily lives. InsideOutPlush Towards the end of the movie, I found myself being drawn to one in particular, whose emotion is not one we want to experience, which is sadness.  I never viewed sadness as something positive or even helpful in bringing a release of joy in the end.  Crying is healthy when you know how to cope with it in an appropriate manner.  Even in the saying of there is joy after the rain.  With crying or sadness there comes a better feeling.  Now do not get me wrong, there are some people who may need help coping or seeing the positive when being sad and we must not make light of that.  To go even further, I cried about my job for two days.  After crying, I felt better.  I felt new ideas rushing through me and the motivation to do better and especially to BE better.  Again, I never looked at sadness in a positive sense.  I never tear up in movies and I found myself wanting to cry during a certain part.  I did not even cry at the opening scene in Disney-Pixar Up. Overall, I recommended this movie and I do want to see it again.  As far as the 3 year old nephew, I do not think it would hold his attention for the entire movie.  He would get a kick out of Anger and Bing Bong. So after seeing Inside Out, let me know which emotion you liked the best.  So on June 19th be ready to get your “feelings on”!! To get you ready, take a look at one of the movie trailers.

Elantrice H.