I tried Starbucks Order & Pay

I went to one of my local Starbucks this morning and discovered they had this sign in the lobby.  I was happy to see it due to being alerted to this feature when my Starbucks App updated.


When finishing up my day at work, I decided to try out the feature.  Ordering an iced white chocolate mocha was easy. I was able to choose size as well as change additions, like pumps of syrup, coffee, type of milk, and whip.


Once I saved my order, I was directed to confirm and pay.


Next was a screen telling me the estimated time my drink would be ready, which was 2 to 6 minutes.


I actually got to counter right as the ice was being added to my drink.  The barista realized I had a mobile order and announced I had competed the first mobile Order & Pay transaction at the store.   I was asked if I had an issues ordering and how did I like it.  To sum it up, I did not have any issues using this feature and really liked it.  The time I went to the store was not hectic and not sure if the time of day would affect this feature in any way.  Oh and look my name is spelled right.



Elantrice H.

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