Fabulous Find Friday – Dammit Dolls

Photo Credit: EH

Today’s fabulous find was brought to my attention on Facebook .  I had never heard of a Dammit Doll and thought they were funny looking.  In doing my research I found this doll could be very useful especially when mad instead of hitting or punching others.  I keep mine in my home office on my desk. I probably have used it about five times to express my frustrations.  My sister keeps hers at her job and has lent it to her supervisor after meetings.  I have given a Dammit doll as a gift and was informed the doll was put right to use after it was received.  I purchased my Dammit Doll at a Swoozie’s location for $14.95.  Follow them on Twitter at @DammitDolls.

Elantrice H.

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