Fabulous Find Friday

Today’s fabulous find is a staple from my childhood.  It is the famous Trapper Keeper by Mead. I found this at Target about 2 to 3 years ago during the “Back To School” time of year.  Those that know me know I love notebooks, binders, etc.  So of course I would be in this section of the store.  When I saw the Trapper Keeper, I had to look twice because I have not seen them in a long time.  The one I had as a child was blue and I placed stickers all over it.  The current version has a plastic cover on the front and a fabric-like texture on the back.  It does not have the classic 3 folders inside, instead there are 5 dividers.  My find this Friday may not be Disney related.  However, if I decide to add some Disney stickers it would. 

Photo Credit: EH


Photo Credit: EH


Elantrice H.

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