Fabulous Find Friday

Today’s fabulous items are L.L. Bean Boat and Tote bags.  If you cannot already tell, I am a bag person.   I have a total of 4 of these bags ranging in size from extra-large to medium with my initials.  I use the medium size bags for work.  The extra-large and large bags are used for Disney trips, weekend trips or just to carry a bunch of stuff.  I have washed them several times with no problems.  I have also given these bags as gifts. 

The totes come in sizes small to extra-large, choice of long handles or short handles, zip-top or open-top, and a variety of colors.  The price varies upon the size, style, and if you would like it monogrammed.

L.L. Bean describes the bags as “made in Maine for over 65 years, tested to hold over 500 pounds, made using heavy-duty 24 oz cotton canvas combined with double-layer base and handles, and reinforced flat canvas bottom and overlapped seems double-stitched with nylon that will not rot or break”.  The bags do stay upright when nothing is placed in them.

In the picture below, from left to right, are extra-large, large, and medium size bags with zip-top and long handles.

Photo Credit: EH


Elantrice H.

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