Confessions of a Three Generational Disney Family

I love speaking to others about their love of Disney, how they incorporate Disney into their lives, and just insight of how they “do” Disney.  Glenda, Heather, and Hannah talk about their love of Disney that spans three generations.
Q: How did your mother pass down the Disney love to you and in turn how did you pass that love on to your daughter?
A: Glenda: I was a little girl when Disneyland first opened. My mom would let me stay up on Sunday night to watch the Disneyland TV show. I had to have my bath and hair set before I could watch it. Growing up 15 minutes away from the park we saw the animals being brought in by helicopter for the Jungle Cruise. We also used to be able to watch the fireworks from my front yard. 
A: Heather: I don’t think my mom’s passing of Disney to me was a conscious thing. It’s just who she is. I remember as a little girl playing with my mom’s souvenirs from when she was a little girl and reading the old pamphlets she had from Disneyland. I love the stories she would tell me about her going as a little girl and as a teenager going to Date Night at Disneyland. I guess that’s where I developed my love of the Disney archives. I love anything Disneyland vintage and most of my favorite Disney movies are from before the 1970s. Just like my mom I am a Disney person and I didn’t consciously pass this love along to my daughter. It’s just who I am. 
A: Hannah: My mom passed the magic of Disney to me beginning when I was young by watching Disney movies with me- Cinderella and Aladdin were my favorites. As I was a very ambitious child my mom always made sure to tell me about Walt Disney and the way he impacted the world. It taught me to work hard and dream big.
Q: When was the first time the three of you went to a Disney Park together? First ride?
A: We had taken several family trips, but our first “Girls Trip” was in 2008. We think our first ride would have been Pirates of the Caribbean. 
Q: What are your Disney traditions when the three of you take a trip together?
A: Hannah and I always share a rice crispy treat from the Pizza Port while waiting to ride Space Mountain first thing in the morning. We always have a great talk some time during our trip upstairs at the Hungry Bear watching the Rivers of America. Another must for us is breakfast with Minnie & Friends. Hannah & Glenda like to ride Tower of Terror & Grizzly River Rapids while I hold their stuff. I always have to enjoy at least 1 mint julep.
Q: What do you purchase to commemorate your trips?
A: We used to purchase a special pin for each trip, but our lanyards were getting pretty heavy. We then switched to pre ordering the Photopass. We love all of the great pictures the Photopass cast members take of us doing silly fun things.
Q: How do you ladies show your #DisneySide when at home?
A: Hannah & Heather like wearing their Alex & Ani bracelets and talking bout what Disney means to us with people who ask about them. 

We all work with the public and we strive to go that extra magical mile for those we come in contact with. 

Elantrice H.

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