Concussion or Not I’m Disney World Bound

Well it turned out to be an interesting Monday.  I was doing my normal routine of seeing clients. For those that do not know me, I am a Clinical Case Manger in the Mental Health field.  I conduct services in-home such as family counseling, individual counseling, parenting, anger management, domestic violence counseling and substance abuse counseling/education. 

Ok, so back to the story…

Today was a typical day of going into the field.  I was in my client’s home concluding services by reviewing different topics.  I notice her mother putting the closet door back on the door frame.  Her mother walked away from the door and in a second the door was landing on the left side of my head/face.  After the mother apologized several times, I continued the session with a splitting headache.  Once concluding the session, I got in my car to assess the damage.  I was bleeding from a cut and a bruise was present.  I alerted my sister, supervisor, and a couple of friends.  They agreed that I should go to the doctor.  Of course I did not want to go and was accused of acting stubborn like my father.  So without my sister putting me in headlock, I was able to get a doctor’s appointment within a couple of hours.  I had begun asking the Disney fairies to not let the outcome be serious enough for me not to go on my Disney World trip this week.

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I informed my doctor I had not passed out, experienced confusion, or vomited.  After a couple of tests where I had to follow a light with my eyes and have my ears checked for blood, my doctor stated I did not appear to have a concussion.  However, my doctor did not want me to spend the night alone.  So I am having a mini sleepover with my sister and her family.

I leave for Walt Disney World on Thursday 6/21. If I had a concussion, I would have been told I could not drive.  That would have had me in tears but I would have overlooked that, hired a driver and headed south to Orlando.  With the good news that I just have a superficial wound with bruising, headache that may be around for a while and the possibility of a black eye in the morning, I WILL be in Walt Disney World on Thursday.  I will make sure I carry alot of pain medication and Band-Aids to hide the bruise if it starts looking too bad.

Photo Credit: EH


Elantrice H.


  1. Just now reading your post. I’m so glad you are ok. Amazing it didn’t knock you out. Have a great time at WDW.


  2. Hi Nancy,
    Thank you for your concern and reading. I am glad that I just have the bruise on my face and every now and then a headache. It could of been much worse.

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