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The term balance can have so many meanings.  It is important to maintain balance for our emotional well-being.  A good example is balance between work and play.  At times being able to maintain balance can be hard depending upon circumstances and situations.

I will admit my balance has been off lately due to work, my father being sick, and the many “to-do-lists” I have created.  There is not time for me to just sit and relax.  No, let me be honest.  I can sit and attempt to relax.  My mind continues to run thus creating anxiety.  At some point we all have experienced not being in balance.  It is important on how you maintain balance as well as retaining it when chaos appears.

Here we are at paragraph three and you are probably wondering how this ties into Disney.  For me going to Disney helps restore my balance.  The real world is left behind with the emails, phone calls, and clients’ crises.  Being in the parks and taking in the sights at a slow pace revitalizes me.  I get ideas for certain projects I want to pursue due to having a clear head.  On solo trips to the parks, I enjoy my resort more by staying in the room getting a good night’s sleep or walking around getting exercise.

I can not say it enough how balance is importance to our emotional health and physical health.  Most of the time, my balance is restored or given extra pixie dust by visiting Disney World.  Is your balance restored or given a positive boost while experiencing something Disney related such as going to a Disney park, attending a Disney related meet up or even blogging?  I would love to hear how Disney affects your balance.

Elantrice H.

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