A Newbie Bowler at Downtown Disney’s Splitsville



Ok, I have never bowled before 12/7/12.  Well just on the Wii, but I do not think that counts.  I just never had any interest in bowling.  So why not change this by bowling during Splitsville Luxury Lanes media event.  There was a ceremony where Goofy made an appearance.  I was in awe of the Mickey Mouse bowling ball presented to one the founders of Splitsville. 


After the breaking of the bowling pin to signify the opening, we were let in to enjoy the 50,000 square feet of entertainment, including a DJ, pool, wonderful food, and merchandise. 


My group was able to secure a lane.  I made it known that I had never bowled in my life.  I also announced a disclaimer that no video would be taken of me.  It was bad enough that I would be bowling in front of media taking pictures, tweeting, filming, and pinning pictures of this amazing facility.



I must say I did have fun.  I even laughed at my gutter balls.  I did not fall, did not do  any Fred Flintstone “twinkle toes” moves, or need the bowling bumper guards.  My score was 72 and I was very proud.


I would recommend spending time at Splitsville during a Walt Disney World vacation.  It took Splitsville coming to Downtown Disney and incorporating Mickey Mouse to get me to try out bowling.  I can see my sister putting bowling on our itinerary for future trips. I do want a Mickey Mouse bowling ball.  However, if you know me, I will not use it.  The ball would be in a case on a shelf.  Splitsville will be offering Disney character bowling balls for sale in the future.

Splitsville Luxury Lanes at Downtown Disney will officially open to the public on 12/19/12. Follow them on Twitter at @SplitsvilleORL. If you happen to visit here, please send me a tweet, Facebook message or leave a comment on the blog about your experience.  Better yet send me bowling tips to improve my score.  Or, do you feel bowling attire would help my score?


Elantrice H.

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