Speed Bumps

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Sometimes in life when “moving forward”, life will toss up a stop sign or speed bumps as I like to say.  I have experienced several of those especially when getting older.   A big one I have experienced is my father’s health, mainly his knee.  When a family member has to go through several surgeries, it does take a toll on the patient as well as the family.  So after several surgeries on this one knee, it was recommended that he see a specialist.  A number of specialty clinics were contacted late August with no word.  Well, about two to three weeks ago, the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, FL called and an appointment for an evaluation was scheduled.  The date…9/27.  Now when I heard that date, I almost passed out.  That was the first day of our Disney trip.  My parents were going to stay at Fort Wilderness in their RV and my sister, Jacob and I were going to stay at Port Orleans.  This was going to be Jacob’s first trip.  My head was spinning.  I was mad at the clinic for taking too much time to schedule an appointment and sad that our trip was going to be a no-go. I had no control and that was throwing me all out of whack.   I began texting the news and my friends jumped into action with support and solutions.  I can never express how blessed I am to have good friends. My sister even volunteered to drive our parents down and back for me to not cancel the trip.  I told her no because our parents have always been there for us, I must be there for them, and that would not be fair to her. 

After calming down, I realized this was just a speed bump thrown on my path.  I wanted my father to get better. So this appointment needed to happen.  Jacob would get to experience Disney because the parks were not going anywhere.  I would still be going to Disney World just a day later than planned.  My lesson was to just “calm it down”, breathe, and let God do his job.  That can be hard but it does work.  I went over my speed bump and there will be many more.  My daddy’s health is top priority.  His appointment is today and we are praying for a positive outcome to get him walking again.  I want him to be able to walk his grandson, Jacob, into a Disney park.  Better yet chase Jacob. That boy is a crawling speed demon and will be walking soon.

So no matter what life throws in your path, know that you can move through it or over the speed bump as I say.

Elantrice H.


  1. Good luck today Elantrice, to your daddy and the family!! God will help him heal and then it is Disney time!! Be safe and God bless!


  2. Hope that him going to the specialist gives results that benefit in the long run. My grandmother is the same situation but add the other knee and a shoulder. She’s been doing well for now so long as she maintains PT at home on her own and minds her limits.

    It WILL be all worth it when he finally does chase after Jacob thru the main streets of MK so hang in there and enjoy what time you have 🙂

  3. Thanks Kels! We heard some things we did not want to here. However it is about quality of life and keeping him around as long as possible. Thank you so much for your words of encouragement. I’m glad to hear that grandmother is doing well.

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