Racing Motivation with a Dash of Fun

As I have gotten older, I have been paying more attention to my health.  I have never been an active person other than walking or participating in the marching band in high school.  Well in 2007, that changed.  I participated in my first Disney 1/2 Marathon or in Disney language “The Donald.”  I have never even thought about walking no less running 13.1 miles but what a wonderful way to start by doing it at Walt Disney World. I talked my sister, who had participated in the Peachtree Road Race in Atlanta, into tackling this journey with me.  I must say it was a great experience to walk/run through the Magic Kingdom and Epcot.  Ok, I will be honest; I did more running when I saw a photographer.  You cannot have too many action shots.  There was music provided by live DJs, choirs, and what appeared to be high school bands.  In the parks were characters waiting for you to stop and take pictures with them.  When I crossed the finish line, I was so happy I thought I was going to cry.  My parents were present to see my sister and I accomplish such a task.  I was also happy because my legs did not fail me on the course.  My legs did hurt like crazy later on in the day and the next day, but walking around with the medal around my neck was worth it.

I have participated in four Disney races since then:

2007 The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror 13K

2008 1/2 Disney Marathon

2008 Inaugural Expedition Everest Challenge

2010 Inaugural Wine & Dine Half Marathon Relay w/my sister


Photo Credit: EH


Photo Credit: EH


Photo Credit: EH


As I reported in an earlier post, I plan on participating in the 2012 Wine & Dine Half Marathon next fall.  I am also thinking about the  2012 Expedition Everest Challenge that will be held in May.  Registration has already opened for this race.  Follow this link   Registration

On December 21, runDisney announced The Twilight Tower of Terror 10-Miler weekend will be held September 28-28, 2012.  This race will be  a night race and will have an after race party until 3am.  I am really thinking about participating in this.  I am trying to talk my sister into registering for it.  Registration opens February 14, 2012. You can check here for updates and details Information     Due to this race being held late September, the 2012 Disney Wine  & Dine Half Marathon Weekend will be November 9-10, 2012.

When I tell people that I have participated in races and obtained medals, I will state I am not a top athlete or a sports enthusiast.  For me, participating in an event is fun and healthy because it forces me to work out and eat right.  I am always motivating others to participate.  The  name of the game is to have fun and just get out there on the course.  It is an experience doing the race alone or with a group.  I may not win, but I crossed the finish line.

Have you ever participated in a Disney Endurance Event? If so, which one and what motivated you to participate?

Elantrice H.


  1. Another great post! 🙂

    You and I have something in common.. I was also in the high school marching band and played the flute. That too was the highlight of my athletic career LOL.

    I am about to hit the BIG 4-0, and I admit that I am excited. I am now wanting to get and stay healthy, not just for myself, but the hubby and kids.

    You are really motivating me to seriously consider doing a run and the pics of the medals are doing an even better job 🙂 I think that is a good way for me to get training and actually follow through on something. I am about 97% sure that I am going to do the one in May 2012. I think that I will go ahead and register to make sure that I follow through.

  2. You can do the Expedition Everest Challege with your daughter. Just check the age limit. Let me know if you decide to do the Tower of Terror 10 miler 🙂

  3. Just playing catch up!!!! LOVE, LOVE,LOVE the picture of you and Jacob.

    I have not done a Disney race – yet. They sound fun and one may be in my future for 2012.

    Keep moving towards your goals and dreams!

  4. Well Dopey926, why don’t you participate in the Tower of Terror race Fall 2012??? 🙂

  5. I love your story- so similar to my own! (I also enjoyed getting a possible sneak peek at the TOT medal…) My first full Half will be the Tink in 2 weeks-gulp, but I’m already hooked. 😀

  6. Distherapy – Congrats on your 1st half. Please let me know how your experience was. Will you be doing the ToT?

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