My Disney Side-Teaching Edition

Hey there, hi there, ho there DTBE fans!  My name is Randy Butler and I am obsessed with anything Disney!

Photo Credit: RB

Photo Credit: RB

As with anything that you love, it carries over into other aspects of your life and this is no exception.  I am a Kindergarten educator and one of the things I do to make my job that much enjoyable is to incorporate my love of Disney into my lesson and classroom.  I want to share with you just a couple of ways I try to incorporate the magic of Disney into my classroom on a daily basis.

Photo Credit: RB

Photo Credit: RB

Every trip to Walt Disney World, I am the one hovering by the park maps grabbing as many as possible.  The reason being is that I use these in my classroom to teach map skills.  In kindergarten they need to learn the basic directions and major landmarks in maps.  Each student receives their very own map and they get to use one of my Vinylmations to embark on a trip around the parks.  The students LOVE this and have learned from previous classes that this is a lesson they never forget.

Photo Credit: RB

Photo Credit: RB

Another way I incorporate Disney is through positive behavior rewards.  Each month my students can earn their very own Disney trading Pin by earning behavior points.  Once the points are earned, we have a pinning ceremony in which each child gets celebrated and they get to pick a pin from the lot.  I get these pins off of EBay as to not break the bank (I do live off of a teacher’s salary).  I can usually get a lot of 25 random pins for about $8.  I have seen major improvements in behavior from my students since implementing this reward system and I have many other students from around the school wanting to be in my room because of it!


These are just a couple of ways I show my Disney Side, how do you show yours?  I can’t wait to read your comments!








Elantrice H.


  1. Great idea about the pins! I order mine through ebay too.

    I like the map idea. I also use our trips as an opportunity for the kids to learn about budgeting and planning. But mine are older….and I only have 2 not 20+.

    Have you used Disney for craft ideas?

  2. Valerie, I use Pinterest a lot to find disney themes ideas for my class but not so much crafts for the students. Some things I did not submit pictures of were my homemade curtains using disney fabric and my clips used to take behavior points that I used scrapbook stickers for. I would love to find some more crafty ideas to use.

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