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After reading Sara’s (@MickensMouse) post about Disney traditions, it got me to thinking about what traditions I have.  I always go to Downtown Disney after checking into my resort on arrival day.  I am always tempted to stop at the World of Disney or Pin Traders, but that would not be following tradition.  The first place to stop is Earl of Sandwich for a Tuna Melt.  I have never tried another sandwich from here. So I guess my sandwich is a tradition also.  After eating, I will make my way to Pin Traders to purchase a pin or two.  The next stop is Trend-D to look at the Disney Dooney & Bourke bags and cute shirts.  I will stop in Ghirardelli for a free piece of chocolate.  I love the ones with caramel and peppermint bark during the Christmas season.  Then it is time to walk around World of Disney making a list of things I want.  Since I am a Vinylmation collector, I have to go to D-Street.

Photo Credit: EH

As for a traditional first park, I really do not have one. I am a go-with-the-flow type of person when it comes to what park to visit first.  If I am with my 6 year old godson, he likes to go to Magic Kingdom to ride Dumbo and Splash Mountain.  Sara likes to go to Magic Kingdom first as well because she must sing and dance to the parade.  I tell her she needs to apply for a role due to her knowing the moves.  One of my best friends, Stacie (@scook522), likes to go to Epcot first but will negotiate with her son, my 6 year old godson, to see if he will allow a quick stop to Epcot before Magic Kingdom.

Photo Credit: EH

When addressing traditional park food, I must have a churro and a Mickey ice cream bar.  I have noticed it has recently become a tradition to eat breakfast at Whispering Canyon Café at The Wilderness Lodge.  My parents stay at Fort Wilderness due to them having a RV.  They love to eat at Trail’s End Restaurant.

I am looking forward to my late September 2012 trip with my family and friends.  This trip will include my nephew, who will be one in November. I cannot wait to see his face when he meets Mickey Mouse for the first time or try sweets that I will sneak to him when my sister is not looking.  Most important, what collection will I start for him – pins, Vinylmation, any suggestions?  With him being a new edition to the Disney trips, new traditions will begin. 

 I would love to hear what some of your Disney traditions are.

Elantrice H.


  1. Love, love, love your traditions Elantrice! They are fantastic. I am so with on you an early visit to DTD although mine never seem to happen that fast 🙁 I think a great collection to start for your nephew would be Vinylmation that way if he wants to give one a chew while teething they won’t be damaged, LOL! What an awesome aunty you are 🙂


  2. Thank you for reading Suzanne. I love your take on him being able to use Vinylmation to look at and teeth on. LOL!! Also thank you for the awesome auntie comment.

  3. Really love this post E! For me it’s taking a pic with alex in one of the disney photobooths and saving them. We only have 2 right now but plan on getting another one come november. Hoping to do this as long as i can… http://bit.ly/KWjjoL

    I think a good tradition for you and BabyJ to do would be to get a a character pic together each year. Then you frame it all together so you have a timeline of you and him and Mickey thru the ages.

    As far as collecting something goes, I would say maybe only the dated ones(pins) or LE so that way he has special ones instead of ones he can pick whenever. When he gets older he will know what he prefers.

  4. Thank you for reading Kels. I do like the character pic idea. Of course with Mickey Mouse 🙂

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