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Some people will never understand why I love Disney.  I have learned to accept that along with the remarks that go with it. Yes, being a Disney lover I hear “You going there again?” or “Why do you keep going back?”  It use to baffle me that others would have so many comments or opinions on where I wanted to invest my time.  Do those that go to the beach or Las Vegas get the same comments?  I doubt that.

Disney World does mean more to me than riding Splash Mountain or taking a picture with a character.  Maybe that is what others do not understand.  I have developed friendships, strong family-ties with a handful of people that I would not trade.  During my last trip, 12/1-4, I had the opportunity to do a girls’ trip with Sara M. (@DisneySara), who is the author of the blog Mickens Mouse  (mickensmouse.blogspot.com).  This was the first trip we had a chance to really talk, laugh, and shop.  We refer to shopping as “enhancing”.  A term used by another close friend and shopping pal, Toni F. (@Dopey926).  We spent more times in stores than on rides.  We danced down Main Street USA at Magic Kingdom and enjoyed eating sweets while taking in The Osborne Spectacle of Dancing Lights at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.  Another friend Phil A. (@PAdams626) drove down for a day with his son to spend time with the girls at Epcot and Magic Kingdom.

Photo Credit: EH

Last year my sister and I took our first sisters’ trp. We went during the first weekend of Epcot’s Food and Wine Festival and learn about Epic October.  Growing up we were not as close due to the five year age difference.  We had different friends and participated in different activities.  Fast forward to adulthood and we are running around four parks trying new sweets and collecting pins. She refuses to collect
Vinylmations, but as I recall she purchased one.  We participated in the 2010 Wine & Dine ½ Marathon Relay. We earned our medals and the soreness that follows after a race.  My sister and I attended our first meet-up at 2010 WDW Foodie Fest hosted by AJ (@DisneyFoodBlog).  We had so much fun meeting AJ and other tweeps.

Family and friends are two of the main reasons I love going to Disney World.  I no longer feel the need to defend my decision to go to the “Happiest Place on Earth.”  What makes me even more excited about taking trips there is to be able to share it with my nephew, who made his grand entrance into the world this November.  Yes, his auntie will be purchasing him an annual pass.

Photo Credit: JG

Plans for trips in 2012 with family and friends are already in the works.  I of course will write about how the plans are coming along and the trips themselves.  My love for Disney will never fade;  it only gets stronger with trips with family, friends, and meeting new people who also share the love of the magic and pixie dust.

Elantrice H.


  1. Oh my gosh E! I had no idea that you had started a blog, but let me say those brown eyes beautiful.

    It is funny this a such a common asked question to us that have a great love for Disney.

    Here is the interesting thing meeting you a few yrs back thru twitter and I thought you were such a kind & sweet person. You would send me a simple Good Morning and that meant the world to me!

    Now this past Epic Oct ( my 1st time) I got to meet you in person and I have to say you just made my heart melt taking the time to find my family through the crowds at the MK.

    So for me that is the greatest reason to keep going back the Walt Disney is friends that I dont see or talk to on an everyday basis but have left a warm spot in my heart of feeling like I friend to the end.


    • Thank you so much for reading Shelley and your sweet comments. I was so happy to meet you and your family in person. We had so much fun in the short time we were together. I can not wait until we meet up again.

  2. Keep doing what you love. Disney is for adults too! Looking forward to you going to all the parks around the world (hint, hint).

  3. Thanks for introducing me to your “love.”. I feel grateful to have been your partner in crime on some past trips and look forward to going with you again!! Soon!!

    • I enjoy spending time with you on our much needed girls’ trip and when we would take Big Boy. Can’t wait for the next trip!!!

  4. Another great post!!! I can so relate to what you were saying. I too, get asked those same questions from friends, co-workers and family. But I am like you, I have moved on from that. Keep em coming :o)!! I think that I will be adding your button to my page.

    • Thank you for adding my button to your page. I can’t wait to read your updates on your blog.

  5. I’m enjoying your blog. I have to say there is something magical about Disney. Where else is it okay for a 13 year old boy to hold his Mom’s hand as you walk? Even if its just for a few moments. It’s magical time that I wouldn’t trade for anything else. It seems that our Disney time is time to reconnect with the kids.

  6. Hi Marrimouse,
    Thank you for reading the blog. I do agree Disney is a very magical place. As you said it can make a 13 year old boy hold his mom’s hand and not give it a second thought.

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