Can pixie dust make a to-do-list disappear?

Sometimes I wish pixie dust could make my to-do-list disappear or even Genie to grant one wish to make it non-existent.  It seems as if what needs to be done is never-ending.  I can complete two tasks, but then it seems four more pop up.  Even coming up with ways to shorten the list is a task in itself.  Like many of you, I have many different roles to fulfill. I am a full-time employee, part-time employee, blogger, aunt, daughter, girlfriend, sister, friend, housekeeper, Candy Crush player, etc.  See that was another list. 

To assist with the to-do-list madness, I have started listing my top three tasks that need to be done a day.  Once those tasks are done, I write down three more.  I chose three due to it being my lucky number and it does not appear as overwhelming as a list of twenty items.

There are several productivity Apps such as Orchestra, Clear, and CalenGoo.  I have all of these but still prefer a notepad and pen.  

Photo Credit: EH

Photo Credit: EH

How do you tackle your to-do-list? What tips can you offer to others?

Elantrice H.


  1. This is good advice! And I love your Vinylmation notepad! Do you mind my asking where you got it? That in itself would probably help motivate me to tackle my daily to-do list!

    • Hi Chloe!
      I got it from D-Street at Walt Disney World about a year or two ago. Thanks for stopping by!!!

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