Let Us Take a Drive on a Disney Lake

The quest to participate in new activities at Walt Disney World led my sister, nephew, and I to take a ride in an Amphicar at The Boathouse (we have eaten here twice and loved it). The Boathouse is a nautically themed restaurant located in the Disney Springs. The owner has a fleet of Amphicars that guests can ride in for $125. That price includes a Car Captain, seating for three, and a tour of the lake that lasts around 20 minutes. There is a photographer that takes several pictures before departing the dock and on splashdown.

Watch our splash down!

These pictures can be added to your PhotoPass account after returning from your drive. A guest can also buy photo packages in The Boathouse gift shop.

Photo credit: EH


Photo credit: EH



Our Car Captain informed us there were about 4000 Amphicars made. The ones at Walt Disney World have their own full-time mechanics and run on unleaded gasoline. For some reason I was thinking they ran on diesel fuel. Our Car Captain was very nice, funny, and told several jokes to my nephew. He did inform us of other information about the cars, but of course I was too busy looking around and wondering why I did not get a life jacket, just in case.


Photo credit: EH


Photo credit: EH

It was an experience to drive into a lake and be able to drive out the lake. My nephew enjoyed it and so did my parents, who stayed ashore to watch us. It is a nice and peaceful experience. We felt like celebrities waving to others during several points of the drive. With this “ride”, we checked off another “to-do” on our list.

Photo credit: EH


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